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A few fun things to take part in at NakedFest 2019

As well as StarButts, The Cock Inn and Bonfire and Saturday Night Dance parties there's a couple of fun competitions you can take part in at Naked Fest over the weekend too.

Human 'Getting To Know You' Bingo

A bit like real Bingo but using the numbers on everyone's wristband
to complete your own grid and getting Mates Points as you go.

When you arrive you'll be given a Human Bingo sheet, the name of the game is to find the profile
name of the numbers on the card. Only people who have the catering tickets (green wristbands) will
have numbers allocated for the human bingo card but camping (orange wristbands) people can
still play too - unfortunately day visitors are unable to play.

You must have the profile name against each number to win that line, each line will score five Mates Points, full house will score 50 Mates Points. Cards must be handed in to the collection point in the Starbutts cafe by 10 am on the Sunday for scoring. Numbers 91 to 99 are out of the game and will be issued to people that don't want to disclose their profile names. Some bingo numbers may have more than one profile name - either will score you that number. It's just a bit of fun and a great way to meet, and get talking to, new guys at NakedFest
and to make new friends so please take part.

We'll assume everyone is happy to take part in Human Bingo, but
if you don't want to just say so when you arrive and we'll make sure you get a wristband
with a number which is not included on the bingo sheets

Solar Lit Tent Competition

Every year we notice a lot of guys take the trouble to decorate their tents with solar powered garden lights - this, combined with the colours of Day-Glo at the party, added to the nighttime ambience of NakedFest and added an extra dimension to the event.

Hence again this year we are encouraging more guys to decorate their tents and be creative by running a competition. If you decorate your tent this year (putting in a reasonable effort - one flashlight from Maplins won't count!) you will receive ONE Mates Point for EVERY light on your tent (to a maximum of 100 Mates Points), so one string of 20 lights = 20 Mates Points added to your profile!!

Solar lighting is cheap and easy to set-up and, at this time of year, is readily available in garden centres and supermarkets alike so jump in with both feet and make plans to decorate your tent! Don't forget to print off and display your Naked Mates Flag on
your tent so we know who to add the points to!

Naked Sports Day

Fun and games, Naked Mates style on Saturday afternoon, kick-off at 2:30pm - a just for fun sports day including lots of team games, fun and frolics to keep you active and get your hearts racing. Full details to follow soon.

Quiz Night

Test your wits in our fun Naked Mates Friday evening quiz, starting at 9pm.

A bit of friendly rivalry and a great way to meet Naked Mates old and new, and Mates Points up for grabs for the winners!