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NakedFest 2019 Frequently Asked Questions

Most questions about NakedFest can be answered on the main NakedFest info page within Naked Mates but here are a few frequently asked questions.

When is NakedFest 2018?
NakedFest 2019 is from Friday 28th June until Sunday 30th June - three days and two nights. Like in 2018 we are offering the option of arriving early i.e. on the Thursday (27th) before the main event starts, thus making NakedFest a three-nighter.

What time does it all start and end?
Most guys tend to arrive from just after midday onwards on Friday and pitch up. The first scheduled event - the Welcome Meal - starts at 19:30pm. On the Sunday the final event - the results of the Human Bingo - will finish around lunchtime and guys will start to pack up and leave after that. If you intend to arrive on the Thursday please note that access to the NakedFest field will be from 3pm on the 12th, so please do not arrive too early.

Can anyone attend?
NakedFest is Naked Mates Annual Camping Festival and is for contributor members of Naked Mates only. NakedFest is a private event and not open to the public hence you need to be a contributor to be able to buy a wristband - the "Buy wristband now" opton will only be visible to you if you are a contributor and your contributor status will still be valid during NakedFest dates.

What's the best way to get to the venue?
Travelling by car is by far the easiest way to get to the venue. As the venue is a secret location full details (including public transport options) will be available to you once you have purchased your wristband.

When can I be naked?
NakedFest is very secluded so you can be completely naked for the entire duration of NakedFest, there is no need to wear clothes at any point - everything is planned and geared towards you being able to be naked for the entire weekend.

OK - I've ordered my wristbands, when do I get them?
You can collect your wristbands from Mark or John at the Registration Tent when you arrive. They will have a list of all wristbands purchased online so will know what to give you. Please note you will not be able to buy Pitch and Catering or Day Visitor wristbands on the gate - these must be purchased online in advance.

If I'm going for the catering option do I need to bring anything for mealtimes?
Yes - please bring your own plate, cup/beaker, bowl, knife, fork and spoon. We don't mind providing the food, but we're not washing up after you!

What's included in the catering option?
Friday evening meal (menu announced nearer the time), Saturday morning breakfast (including tea and coffee), light Saturday sandwich lunch, Saturday night BBQ, Sunday morning breakfast (including tea and coffee). Hot water and tea and coffee is also available thoughout the day at the Starbutts Cafe for all wristband holders to make their own hot beverages.

Is there a vegetarian option?
Yes - once you have purchased your wristband you will be able to specify if you require vegetarian catering.

I want to come but not sure if I can get the time off, can you put a wristband aside for me and I'll let you know later?
Unfortunately not. Wristbands are sold on a first come, first served basis and once they're gone, they're gone! It's not possible to reserve a wristband for possible payment later.

Why is the cut-off date for buying Pitch and Catering wristbands so early?
NakedFest catering is done by volunteers so it's not fair to ask them to run around at the last minute buying extra food rations, hence the cut-off date gives them enough time to prepare everything properly in advance without being under pressure. They deserve to enjoy NakedFest too!

Can I stay extra nights either side of NakedFest?
Yes you can arrive early on the Thursday as described above but as NakedFest is being held at a private location it's not possible to extend your stay beyond the NakedFest dates.

What facilities are there at NakedFest?
NakedFest will have a toilet block, a shower block and a water supply you can use to fill up your water carrier. Please note there are no electrical hook-ups available in the NakedFest field.

Can I charge my phone?
Yes - there will be informal charging points available in both Starbutts and The Cock Inn pub. Please ask Mark for more details when you get to NakedFest, but please bring your own cable!

What is the policy on drugs and alcohol?
Keep it legal. As with any Naked Mates event if you appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol you will be asked to leave.

Can I have a bonfire?
Yes you can but we'd rather you joined in with the two big bonfires we've got arranged for the Friday and Saturday nights. If you do decide to have your own bonfire please ensure it is off the ground or in a pit so as not to damage the field.

Can I camp anywhere or is there a designated area for NakedFest?
NakedFest has its own dedicated field with a marquee and two catering tents exclusively for the use of guys at NakedFest. Signage and Marshalls will show you where you can pitch when you arrive.

Can I bring my dog?
Yes - if kept under control and on a lead due to the farm animals nearby and in adjoining fields. You will need to provide a vet's certificate to confirm your dog has been wormed within the 12 weeks prior to NakedFest - if you bring your dog, but don't have such a certificate, you will not be permitted into NakedFest and you won't get a refund either.

What is the policy on photographs and video?
Please respect other guys' privacy and don't take photographs or video of anyone without their permission and certainly do not post online or distribute by any other means photographs or videos of anyone else without their consent.

Are caravans and motorhomes welcome or is it just tents?
Yes as well as tents caravans and motorhomes are most welcome at NakedFest too :-).

I've bought a wristband but now I can't go, can I get a refund?
Sadly no - if you have bought a wristband and can no longer attend please post a messsage in the NakedFest forum on Naked Mates and see if someone can buy it off you. If you manage to make an arrangement please contact Mark and let him know who you've sold your wristband to so he can ensure the buyer receives it. Please bear in mind NakedFest is a contributor-only event, so you can only transfer your wristband to another contributor.

OK - I'm all set. Anything else I need to know about or be reminded of?
Yep - there's a few things it's probably best not to forget:- bring something to wear at night (just in case it's cold), bring some trainers for the sports day, bring a pen for Human Bingo, bring some firewood to help with the bonfire parties, bring a bag to take your rubbish home in, bring some toilet paper (just in case!), remember to order your bodypaint and UV torch for the Saturday Night Dance Party, pray for good weather and bring some suntan oil and finally, bring a happy attitude and arrive with smile on your face and you will have an amazing weekend. And remember the Naked Mates ethos 'No Clothes, No Attitude'